Salvati Gioielli

A small trip back in time just a moment away from the hustle and bustle of Corso Umberto I, by the swarm of people who travel the great artery of the city, just squeezed into one of the streets that meet going from the square of the Quattro Palazzi from the said Piazza Borsa, take a small step back in time, a hike through the evolution of an ancient and noble that even today renews its magic whenever we wear a gem, a jewel that seems to transfer to our person some of his bellezza. It almost seems to breathe the six centuries of history that have transformed this piece of Naples, in the area known as "degli Orefici." every shop, every lab big or small, ancient or modern, refer to the goldsmith tradition that began in the fourteenth century with the first category of the statute enacted by Joan of Anjou. Right in the heart of this area, under the benevolent gaze of Christ on the wood that dominates the piazza degli Orefici, the seat of the gioielleria SALVATI, Ernesto Capocci on that street that connects this small universe of artisans and artists to the city mall. A craft designed in the noblest sense, which since 1936 has practiced with the same attention to detail and research, so as to offer products treated and limited in number, objects created, designed and manufactured "in the family". It is in the nature of things that young people are driven by innovative spirit, we are able to adapt to the times and the needs that evolve and multiply; and it is by virtue of this course natural that the brothers SALVATI have joined the laboratory of his father Mario, an intense commercial activity, however, based on quality and sophistication of the signatures of the objects offered to the public. And if you create a jewel is to realize a little dreamed of who will wear it, you must also make sure that this dream will remain so over time; the gioielleria SALVATI special care all services after the sale, according to the customer over the years in all small and large maintenance operations that can maintain over time the accuracy of a clock, the brilliance of a jewel or modified the same according to the evolution of taste and fashion. A real advisory service at no charge shall be made available, with courtesy and professionalism of all its customers. It's time to go back on our way, immerse yourself in the fast-paced unfolding of human activity, leave this area suspended between past and present, between the ticking of an ancient tool of work and the buzz of a modern electric instrument, with you in mind However, the knowledge of the Ditta SALVATI a valid point of reference, where, with the purchase of a valuable, we wanted to be part of centuries of history.